Article I - NAME

The name of this non-profit corporation shall be FilAm Golf Tour (herein after "FilAm"). The club's principal place of business is in Los Angeles, California and the corporation shall continue perpetually.


The Club is formed for the purpose of promoting and providing organized leadership for golf tournaments and golf related activities for its members, their families and friends. FilAm aims to promote, foster and enhance fraternity among its members, their family and friends through the honorable and ethical traditions of playing golf.

These by-laws having been duly adopted by the majority vote of the members present at a regularly scheduled meeting of the membership, will govern all future activities and business of FilAm.


Section 1.   Membership should be open to all who wish to promote and enjoy the game of golf.

Section 2.   Memberships shall be valid until resignation in writing, or until failing to comply with the requirements of this by-laws and until terminated by a majority vote of FilAm officers.

Section 3.   All applications for membership shall be voted on by the officers. Applicants shall need a majority vote of the officers to be accepted to the club.

Section 4.   The annual meeting of FilAm shall be held on the 2nd Saturday in the month of June. The officers shall provide for the holding of such other meetings as necessary. Each active member in good standing shall be entitled to one vote.

Section 5.   The officers shall establish all membership fees and dues from time to time in such amounts as they deem adequate to maintain and operate FilAm.


Section 1.   Every two (2) years during the annual meeting, member shall nominate and vote on club officers (majority votes win). The officers shall consist of president, vice president, secretary and treasurer and their duties shall be as their title would indicate. In case of any vacancy, the remaining officers shall appoint a successor for the un-expired term and until the election in the next annual meeting. The board of directors shall consist of the current officers plus the previous president.

Section 2.   The following committees shall be appointed every two (2) years, with such other committees as the president may deem necessary:
Tournament Committee to schedule tournaments and establish a fair and proper system of handicaps in accordance with procedures laid down by the Southern California golf Association.
Membership Committee to investigate and act upon all applications for membership and to recommend appropriate action to the Club officers.
Social Committee to encourage and arrange social and entertainment features and events for special occasions.

Section 3.   Duties of the officers.
President: The President shall preside over all the meetings both regular and special, including board of director meetings. The President shall sign all pertinent legal documents.
Vice President: The Vice-President shall assist the President in every way possible and assume the duties of the President during an absence. If the office of the President should be vacated the Vice-President shall assume that office and duties until the next election.
Secretary: The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of each meeting and provide notices of future meetings.
Treasurer: The Treasurer shall keep a record of all financial transactions of the Club, working closely with the Club's accounting consultant.

Article V - MEETINGS

Section 1.   The annual meeting of the Club membership shall be held in the month of June of each year at a place designated by the Board of Directors. A current financial report and a proposed budget for the upcoming operation year shall be presented at this meeting. Election of members to the Board of Directors shall be held bi-annually at this meeting.

Section 2.   Special meetings of the Club may be called at any time by the President or majority of the Board of Directors. The purpose of Special Meeting shall be stated in the notice thereof and no other business shall be transacted at a Special Meeting except that as specified in such notice.


A simple majority of the members of the Club present at any meeting shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. The voting power of all active individual members of the Club shall be equal, each individual member to have only one vote and no voting by proxy shall be allowed. A quorum of the Board of Directors shall be twenty-percent (20%) of the then existing Board members. Vacant seats shall not be included in making the quorum.


In the event that FilAm is disbanded and thereby no longer in existence, the assets remaining after satisfying all outstanding debts and obligations shall not be divided among those active members at the time of dissolution, but shall remain in escrow for a period not to exceed six (6) months after such time the assets of the Club shall be donated to the Southern California Golf Association, or any non-profit golf association that meets the requirement of the Articles of Incorporation.


These By-Laws may be amended or revised by a majority vote of members present at any regularly scheduled meeting or special meeting of membership as provided for in these by-laws, only after the proposed by-laws change has been published and mailed to Club members thirty (30) days prior to such meeting.

Approved on June 29, 2008.

JR Brillantes