Club Rules


USGA Rules apply, unless an existing local rule is in place in which case overrides the USGA rule.

Blue tees will be used for all tournaments.


Player’s handicap will base on the following:

1)    Current SCGA index or Filam Golf Tour handicap (Based on the low index of your 3 low tournament gross scores within the last 6 months or last 6 games), whichever is lower.

2)    If your Net score on a tournament is 68 or lower, your handicap for the remaining tournament of the season will be 2 strokes lower.

3)    Maximum handicap is 28.

4)    The Handicap Chairman will post the adjusted tournament scores each month and has the final decision on a players handicap

Class Groupings

Players will be divided into 3 groups: A, B and C.  Generally, the A Class will be for handicap 0 - 10, B Class 11 - 19 and C Class 20 – 28.  However, the number of players on each group will depend on the number of players that are playing. For example; If we have 60 players on the tournament and there’s 10 players on the A group, 30 players on the B group and 20 players on the C group some of the players on the B group will have to be reclassify and must play in the A group for that particular tournament.

The number of players that will be reclassified will also depend on the player(s) handicap.

Any points earned while reclassified will carry over to the player(s) current class regardless if it’s in the regular games or in the playoffs. Whichever class the player ends up after the last tournament of the regular season they will stay there throughout the finals, the only thing that changes is their handicap.

Tie Breaker

In case of a tie;

1)     Back nine score with Handicap.

2)     Best score on the first hardest hole, second hardest hole, third hardest hole, and so forth.

Filam Cup Point System

Aside from our regular monthly tournament prizes, members has a chance to win cash at the end of the tournament calendar by earning points on our monthly tournament and placing in the top 3 of their respective classes. Filam Cup point system will be based on 10 games (7 regular games and 3 playoff games), the tournament season starts in March and ends in December.

After the 7th game, the playoffs will start and all the points will be reset except for the top 3 players with the most points on each class. The player with the most points on each class gets 4 points towards the playoffs, the 2nd highest gets 3 points and the 3rd highest gets 2 points; everyone else gets “0”.

The top 9 players and ties with the most points after the last game of the tournament calendar (Class A - 3, Class B – 3, Class C – 3) will split the pot; the total amount will depend on the number of players participating.

A player(s) is allowed to miss games provided that the player(s) pays for his missed pot before the last playoffs tournament.
All players must pay their FilAm Cup Points fee of $10 prior to the start of the playoffs (generally before the 7th game).

In case of a tie, the number of games played will apply, and then the number of times you placed (how many 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.). If it's still a tie then there will be a playoffs on the following game to determine the winner (low net, tie breaker applies)

Points will be awarded as follows;

6 points – 1st place

5 points – 2nd place

4 points – 3rd place

3 points – 4th place

2 points – 5th place

1 point - for playing the tournament


In order to qualify for the current season’s Filam Cup;

a)     You have to be a member (SCGA or Club Member) of Filam Golf Tour.

b)     Must have played a minimum of 6 games prior to the start of the tournament calendar or

c)     Must have played 3 games (current/consecutive) prior to the start of the tournament calendar or must play the first 3 games of the current tournament calendar.

d)     New Member(s) with an existing SCGA membership must have posted a minimum of 6 games within the last 6 months
and/or must play by the 2nd FilAm tournament to be eligible for the FilAm Cup

New members that do not meet the above qualifications are not eligible for the current season’s Filam Cup. The Tournament Committee upon further review can make an exemption and has the final decision on the new member(s) eligibility.


Trophies will be awarded to the low gross and low net winners from each class on our monthly tournament. Qualified members are only eligible to win Low Net Trophies, guests and non-qualified members are only eligible to win Low Gross Trophies. A Filam Cup Perpetual Trophy will also be awarded to the player with the most points (regular and playoff points combined), Class champion trophy will also be awarded to the player with the most points from each class (regular and playoff points combined)

A $10 pot for trophies and prizes will be collected and added to the tournament cost per monthly tournament.

There will also be an awards dinner and prizes for our final game of the season (TBD).

Amendment to the Filam Golf Tour Rules, January 2014

Filam Cup Point System;

Whichever class a member ends up after the last game of the regular season that will be where the member will play throughout the playoffs regardless of his handicap.


In order for a player to be a member of Filam Golf Tour he must pay the SCGA fee, membership fee and Filam cup fee within the first 4 games of the season.

The total membership fee is $170 (SCGA - $38, Filam Membership - $35, FilAm Cup Fee - $100)

A player must join the Filam Cup in order for that player to be considered a member of Filam Golf Tour. If a player wants his SCGA through Filam Golf Tour, the current President at his discretion may accept the player’s request for a set fee of $25 plus the SCGA membership fee. However, this does not mean that the player is a member of Filam Golf Tour; this only entitles the player to get his SCGA membership affiliation through Filam Golf Tour. A player may play as a guest only and is not entitled to any membership privileges (no points, no cash, eligible for low gross trophy only). If a player decides to be a member, he must declare his intentions to be a member and pay the total membership fee (less $25) within the first 4 games of the season.

Collection of Funds;

Funds will be handled and collected separately;

Membership - funds will be handled by a membership officer, if there is none, one will be appointed.

Filam Cup – funds will be handled by the treasurer

Tournament – funds collected will be handled by the President


The members of the board (JR Brillantes, John Jones, Aldrin Edar) can hold a special election or appoint a member to the following positions; Rules Committee, Membership, Social, and any other position deemed necessary to help run the club. The members of the board will decide on issues not resolved by the committee.

Web Postings;

A spreadsheet will be posted and updated every month that shows the accounts receivable and accounts payable for every tournament.

Points accrued by each player will also be posted and updated every month after each tournament.

Funds collected through membership, Filam cup will also be posted and updated every month.

Tournament Season;

Tournaments will start on March and end in November. The Las Vegas Invitational will be played as a 2 day event and so points will be doubled. Instead of earning 6 points, the winner will earn 12 points, the runner up will earn 10 points and so forth. Failure to play both days will result in disqualification. Filam Cup Championship will now be held every November.

Class Groupings;

Class – Players will be divided into Class A, Class B  and Class C and will based on the number of players and handicap (Filam Golf Tour Rules apply)

Tee –All tournament games will play from white tees only.

Release of Information -

Members acknowledge that attendance at an official FilAm Golf Tour sponsored event is consent to use their likeness captured in photographic or video media for promotional purposes for the club.